Genealogy Resources

Alta Community Library is happy to help in genealogical research. In the library, you can find Alta (and Alta-Aurelia) High School Annuals dating back to the 1940's, as well as copies of Alta: A Century of Progress (1878-1978), which provides essential information about Alta's residents and history.

Local Resources:

Alta Advertiser 

Digitized records of the Alta Advertiser from 1860-1981.

Buena Vista County Historical Society

Website of the Buena Vista Historical Society's museum and resources.

State and National Resources:

National Archives: Genealogists/Family Historians 
A great starting place for genealogical research, how-to tips for beginners and experts, links to primary sources world-wide, and databases of family trees.
National Archives: State Archives 
Genealogists may need to get information from state archives and historical societies. 
Cyndi’s List 
A categorized and cross-referenced index to genealogical resources on the Internet, 261,000+ links for family history!
State Historical Society of Iowa 
A main repository of Iowa historical and genealogical information.
Society of American Archivists 
Organizations, associations and groups related to or of interest to the archival profession.